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Here's how to make cool twisted kandi like this.

1. Get three strings (make sure they are all stretchy) and tie them together.

2. Chose three different colors of beads.

3. Thread three beads of one color onto the first string, then three beads of the second color onto the second string, and then three beads of the third color onto the third string.

4. Then get a star bead (or anything you want to use, it can be a regular one too!), and thread that bead onto the three strings all at once.

5. Repeat until you reach the end of the string, and then tie the ends together.

Make sure it's really tight, otherwise you get to experience the nightmare of having your bracelet come apart the first time you try it on, and the beads scatter everywhere. D:

Toturial made by: EroGuro-Chan on

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