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Alright apparently no one knows how to do this out on the East Coast, generally I've never seen it on anyone else's kandi except for kandi I give to someone.
So I'll share my little technique that's much much fun.

This is what the final product can look like

Begin by threading three beads on a string.

Pull the string around and go back through the first (black) bead.

pull the string taught

and add on two more beads.

pull the string around and go back through the first (black) bead.

That's the entire technique.
Now for better mastery of the technique a few things need to happen. With this technique you can use a TON of string in a very short amount of time.
How to avoid this is to keep the string taught as you work. This means.

as you add on iterations of the pattern, hold the final string you pull through the black bead.
Here is another view of the string that needs to stay taught. As you do this pattern you will ALWAYS have two fingers pinched around this string as it comes out of the black bead.
This will ensure that the beads stay close together and string isn't wasted.
This is a view of the completed bracelet showing how close together the beads are as the entire string of beads is pulled taught.

This is a different bracelet given to me by a friend, who didn't keep things taught.
You can get the same result in the end if it's good elastic, but keeping things taught will guarantee the look you're after.

Here is the other bracelet pulled taught.

versus the new bracelet I made pulled taught.

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Toturial made by: Raverhippie on

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