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Phat pants tutorial part 1
Here is how to make a very basic pair of phat pants.
Things like waistbands, pockets, zippers, panels and applique will be covered later on.

The materials
The best material to use is a nice cotton. It is inexpensive, breathable, and comes in every color and pattern under the sun.
Things like fur and flannel get very hot very easily,
And fur is sometimes difficult to work with.
My first pair of pants were made of 100% cotton, and that is what we will be using today.

A pair of phat pants can be made with 2 yards of fabric,
but depending on your measurements, you may need more, or less.

Okay, first part. MEASUREMENTS!!

Measure your waist.
Now divide by 4.
Add 1 and 1/4" to that measurement, for seam allowances.
this is measurement A

Now measure your inseam.
Your inseam is the seam that runs along the inside of your leg,
from your crotch to the floor. add 1 and 1/4" for seam allowance.
This is measurement B

Measure your outseam. That is the seam that runs along the outside of your leg,
from your waist to the floor. add 1 and 1/4" to that for seam allowance.
This is measurement C

How wide do you want your phatties to be?
I like mine at 35", but you can have more or less.
Remember, anything over 40" is going to start looking like gaucho pants.
Take how wide you want them to be at the bottom, and divide it in half.
Remember to add 1 and 1/4" for seam allowance.
This is measurement D

Get out some paper, to make a pattern, or you can mark it directly on your fabric.

The bottom of the pattern should be measurement D. See that curvy part? That is the difference of the inseam and the outseam,
as well as the difference in the waist and the bottom measurements.
Shown in the picture are 2 parts of your pants. you will need 4 total.

Now comes the fun part,, SEWING!!

Sew the crotch seams together (the curvy part)on one half of the pants,
then do the same to the other side.
You should have 2 pant looking things that look like this:

(The crotch seam is folded down to show the stiching)

Now, lay one on top of the other, making sure all seams face outwards.
You will sew down each outseam, and then each inseam.

Now guess what? you have a pair of pants!!

(They are shown so small at the bottom because next time we're going to talk about side panels and waistbands!)

Toturial made by: Molly on Kandy-Kids

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