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Here is how to make a neckchain.

1. First, get a loooong piece of string, and a keyring. Fold the string in half, and but the loop end through the keyring.

2. Now thread the other end of the string (the not looped part), through the loop.

3. Pull it tight and the string will be attached to the keyring. It should look like this. (But remember to pull it as tight as it goes.)

4. Now start threading beads on both strings together, like this.

5. When you've got a little bit there, start threading beads onto each string separately.

6. Keep threading the beads on each end separately, like this.

7. Tie it off at the end.

You can also use these clippy things, instead of a keyring.

Neckchains are awesome for holding glowsticks, pacifiers, and even Tamagotchies.

Toturial made by: EroGuro-Chan on

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