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NOTE: This will fit someone with a small wrist.

The multi being made here will look like this in the end
It is a flower pattern

Start off with 28 beads

Place the end of the string though the very first bead:

Pull it taut so it looks like this:

The beads that are on the string work as the "first two rows"
The next row of beads should alternate: background-petal-background-petel etc
In this case green-red-green-red-green etc.
Basically the way this works is you pull the string though every other bead.
Place a bead on the string then take the end and pull it though the "other bead" as shown in the picture below:

Pull the string taut:
Note: for this row I find it easiest to lay the beads down kinda of flat, once you are done this row and pull the string all tight, it will "stand up" more.

Continue on place a bead on the string and then threading the string though every other bead:

Once you get to the end of the row you have to thread the string though what used to be the "first" bead again:

Then you have to thread it though what was the first "added" bead, which in this picture is bead number 2
Bead number 1 was the bead you put the string though in the previous step.

Once you pull the string taut, it should look like this:

Now to start the next row
The beads all used on this row are all pettles of the flower, therefore all red beads are used:
Once again you will be placing a bead on the string and threading it though "every other bead"

Continue along following the same pattern:
The red arrow is the "next" bead
The purple arrow is the "previous" bead

Continue along, and pull the string tight so that the bracelet "stands up"
once you get the row done it should look like this:

At the end of this row, it should look like this:

Once again use the same technique as before for starting the new "row"
The red arrow points to the first bead you must thread the string though, and the purple the next bead you will pull the string though:

Put the string though the "second" bead, which the red arrow is pointing two in this picture. The purple arrow is the bead the string was previous thread though:

After string is pulled tight:

This is the start of a new "row" this time it will alternate
background-center-background-center etc
green-yellow-green-yellow etc

Once the row is done, it should look like this:

Again start a new row:

This is all pretty repetitive, hopfull by now you've got the habbit of how to do a row and start a new row. ^_^
The next row shall be all petals, in this case red beads
It should look like this once you are done the row

Next row is petal-background-petal-background etc.(red-green-red-green etc)
It should look like this once you get it completed:

The next row is all background(green):

The next row is the final row, it is all background (green)
Once you get to the end of this row, you need only thread the string though one bead:

Tie off the strings and you are done

Toturial made by: Mrs. Skittles on

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