3D Hello Kitty

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I've managed to finish the one that most people are asking for. Hello Kitty! From my Hello Kitty Collar. :3

So grab your beads and your string and lets begin :3:

Step 1:
String 30 White Beads on your string

Step 2:
Bring it around so that it makes a circle (you can also just tie it off like a single if you dont want to move around while your working with it.)

Step 3:
Now string 5 white beads on the elastic and pull it through every 6th bead till you get all the way around.

Step 4:
Onto your third row (this is where it starts to close the gap a little).
Feed your string to the third bead on the second row.
Now string 3 white beads, put it through the next third bead on the the next row, then 3 white beads, through the third on the next row.
NOW (super importante) you are going to make an eye, a nose, and the other eye.
String white, black, white, go through the third bead...

then white yellow white, to the next third bead,

then white black white so over all it will look like this :3

Step 5:
This gets trickier (sorry :P)
Feed through to the middle bead on the third row and string 3 white beads.
Then put the string through the white bead on that side of the nose. (your making vertical lines now)

Then feed it back through the white beads to where you started the vertical line
(the string should come out facing the way your moving)

Now feed it through the 2nd row middle bead that is connecting the third row beads and string 4 white beads and pull it through the nose this time.

Then pull it back up the same way you did the first vertical line

Now repeat the first part of this step but on the other side of the face.
so it looks like this now

Step 6:
Feed through to this bead (we are going to make ears now)

Now string 5 white beads

and loop the string back around to the fourth bead like so (this makes the tip of the ear)

Then string 3 more white beads to finish this ear.
Then feed the elastic through the bead shown. (this is so your ears are even)

Now repeat on the opposite side. So now the kitty looks like this.

Step 7: (the bow)
Grab whatever color beads you would like for her bow.
Then feed the string around till you get to this bead.
(its the bead at the middle bottom of the ear)

now string 3 beads of your color choice on to the elastic

Then loop around to the first bead so it looks like this

now string 2 more beads of that color and pull it through the first bead again.

The pull it through the other side of the middle bead so it stays on.

Last Step:
Feed the string through till you can tie it off on the loose end from the beginning.

The finished product should look something like this :3

I hope that helps you out. Tutorial 1 Finished!
Let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to help you :3



Toturial made by: Mewmix on VampireFreaks.com

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