Flower Cuff

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So! Here's a tutorial on this little flower multi.
I've seen them made just like this, and also with a 'background'.
I hate the 'background' on these kinds of kandi, so this'll be the way I make this. =]
I would advise using a stretchy string like Stretch Magic,
and not a thicker elastic string...those tend to be sort of difficult to get through pony beads more than once.

First off, you need to make yourself a single strand of ponybeads.
Make sure you have multiples of three, otherwise you'll wind up with a very odd looking multi.
I use 27, but you could use fewer to make a smaller bracelet for a child,
or more if you have a larger wrist, or even if you want one as an upper armband.

This is simply to show that I pull the long part of the string
through the first bead I threaded on, and then I tie it off.
I like to use just one piece of string, but you could use a new one for every row of beads.

There is a center bead for each color on the first strand you created.
Here, I'm putting the centers of the flowers on.
As the long strand was threaded through the first blue bead,
I slide on a black bead, and then thread it through the next two beads (blue and pink).
Another black bead, then through the next two (pink and purple here),
and so on until you have the center for each flower.

This should show the placement for the centers of the flowers better. ^^

Now, thread the string through the last black bead (or whatever color) you strung on
or through the first one, doesn't matter really) and start with the second row of petals,
making sure you tie it off.
You don't want a really loose bracelet, otherwise it'll look a little funky.

In this case, you would string on a purple, and then a pink, and then take the string through the pink flower's center.
Keep this up, and if you mix up colors, it's really simple to fix now.
It'll be a pain to fix it later (you'll need to cut the bracelet, the first one I made I messed up on,
so I have a pink flower with a purple petal on the very first one).

Here's the completed second row of petals. Make sure you tie it off!
And now, you're onto your last petals (the ones on the bottom).

Thread the string through the next two petals of wherever it was you ended,
in this case I ended at the purple beside the blue, so I went through the purple and pink beads.
Now, string on the color that correlates with this flower. String through the next two beads.
Repeat until you get to the last petal, and tie it off!

And now you're finished! Trim your strings (I had some leftovers, so I'll probably use it to make a choker),
if you used plastic stretch string, I would advise using a lighter and quickly dash the flame over the knots.
My string is very thin, so I'm always worried about it breaking, but none of it has yet.
Also, if you use a thick elastic for string, then I'll warn you now;
it can be difficult to get thicker string even twice through one ponybead,
and with this, you go through almost every bead twice.

Toturial made by: Pixii on cut out and keep


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