Diamond cuffs

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Today class you get to make that!
The base cuff isn't that impressive but the 3D'd version is mindblowing.
Start off with 32 beads. It works well if you have two colors of beads and alternate everywhere,
or you can do as I did and create a color pattern for each section of 8 beads.
Tie the end off to form a single. don't cut the thread though.
start your next pattern of 8 beads but notice that the first bead of the pattern of 8 was the last bead threaded so just do the next 7 beads. as shown.

Take the 7 beads and thread it through the next "first bead of the next pattern of 8 beads" aka the red bead shown in the picture.

Do that all the way around so that it looks like a double with 4 sections of 7 beads. like the following picture.

Take the string, thread it through the next red bead (it probably already is), and then through the first TWO beads of one side of the next section of 7 beads.

Thread on three beads

String through the 3rd, 4th, and 5th beads on the opposite side

thread on one bead then pull through the middle bead of the last section of three beads.

thread on one more bead

thread on through the 6th and 7th beads of the original side. The first diamond is finished.
repeat on the next three sections.
The final product will be more uniform if the string is kept tighter than shown (was loose for the sake of being able to take pictures.)
and also if you go through the first two beads on the same side for each diamond.


Toturial made by: Raverhippie on Raversonly.com

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