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OK so heres a tutorial on making a bear backpack :)

Materials you need:
-a Bear (or whatever stuffed animal you want to use)
-needle and thread
- 1-2 zippers
-a pair of awesomely colored long socks
-and whatever kind of fabric you like (i picked rainbow :P)

take your bear and cut a slit down its stomach like this:

and take the stuffing out of stomach.

Grab your fabric and cut it so its the exact length of the slit in the bears stomach. then sew it on the inside. (this is to keep the stuffing in the head/hands/feet from spilling out.) :

make sure that the fabric comfortably wraps around the inside of the bears stomach. and sew it to the inside of the other side.:

then you pull the fabric out, and sew it so it turns into a pouch. and do that to both the top and bottom. then push the fabric back into the bear. if you wish, you could sew the top of the pouch to its back, and the bottom of the pouch to its lower back. thats what I did, it keeps the pouch in place.

Then grab one of your zippers, and sew it to the inside of one of the sides of the opening. like this:

[[sorry about the pictures getting big. photobucket has failed me lol]]

if the zipper is to long, you can make it shorter. heres how:

then when you finish the one side, unzip the zipper and sew the other side of the zipper.

(i added this next part, but you dont have to.)
I then cut its right leg open down the seem. I looks almost invisible. I like to have a place where I can put my valuables where people cant steal them. You do the same with your zipper here, as you did with its stomach.:

and now for the STRAPS!

you take the sock and if you got a pair of toe socks for this, you can also get a fun pair of fingerless gloves! :D So you take the sock, and cut the end off. then cut up the sides. like so:

[[pay no attention to the rainbow on the bear. I made him a rainbow vest lol]]

then you sew one side of the sock to the bears sholder:

then you sew the other end of the sock to the bears lower back, but make sure its not the bottom of him as you dont want the bear to kinda fold in on itself when it hangs.:

then you just repeat with the other sock on the other side!
and there you have it! your very own Bear Backpack!

Toturial made by: Kassy on Kandy-Kids

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