Fence or Long X cuffs
5Base Cuff

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The fence is much like Jay demo the X pattern, bc it looks like a X inside the cuff. well this cuff when out straight looks like a fence
to have this work ur gona need at least 2 different colors (or not u plain person u)
well i used 8 colors, and for one of the (hitch points) used a different bead. the faceted ones.

make a pattern 1-H 2-B 1-sH
H= hitchpoint the point that connects and holds the cuff together.
sH= second hitchpoint on same strand.
B= normal bead.

Now that u have the first strand, pull string in one of the Hitch Points. so it will be -----H--------
now continue the patern so its 2 Beads then H then 2 Beads then interloop the Second H mark on the 1st strand. witch in the picture is Blue.

this is wat the cuff should look like after the second strand is done.

Step 3
now have the string going throught the sH point u have. witch on my cuff is purple. all of the purples and all of the faceted beads are H points.

now after you got the string in there its ---B---B---H---B----B---sH
the second Hitch point is on the second strand. so on the string u should have only added 5 beads in totaly 4 normal beads and one H hitch bead.

continue this until ur done with the 3rd strand.

Now you can see the fence form taking shape.

ok so you can end there but it kinda looks somewat of a fence. so why not do one more strand.
this time strating off with the H point 2 beads then sH then 2 more beads then conect to H


any questions please feel free to ask here.
Hopefully if my camera is up to it. ill try and figure out a dual layer Fence. dont know how that will look tho.
anyway give me some time wit that. anyway enjoy making your fence cuff. plur.

Toturial made by: Tk Stick on Raversonly.com

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