3D Cuffs

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Hii's again!
So if you want your *Cuffs* to p00f out a bit you can make them 3D. You can use a
variety of beads. Glowies or tube beads. But heres the most common way to make your 3D's.

Begin with your finished *Cuff*

Cut enough string that it can go around the cuff twice. And add about and inch or two if your using
bigger beads for your 3D's

Begin by inserting your string at the YELLOW bead near the center. I start and end usually at the
same spots so all my knots are in one area.

Begin to string your pattern. In this one i changed it a bit. I chose ORANGE, GREEN, STAR, GREEN, ORANGE.
You should have enough beads so your 3D's would stand up. It really depends on the size of your beads.
If your 3d's aren't p00fing out or it seems that there are gaps you should add more beads. But your also
don't want the 3D's to sag because of too much beads. Eyeball it, and remember to pull tight, but not *too* tight.

Keep Zig-Zagging through the whole piece til you end up with this =)

You should have come back close to your starting point. Don't tie off just yet. With the loong
part of the string [remember to cut a loong piece of string?] Begin to string the first two beads, in this case
it's the ORANGE, GREEN, insert the cord into the STAR then GREEN ORANGE.

Keep doing the same all around. and keep on checking if your pattern is correct. Somethimes i switch
the two colours together. You should end up where you orginally started making the 3D. You should
have something like this XD

And thats how you make 3D's you can use different beads to make stick out more or to make'em
stand out more. Clear beads, Glow in the darks. Or even block/jumbo beads =D Got any questions
just poste'm up here!! Enjoy!!

Toturial made by: ~* Gízmö *~ on Raversonly.com


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