3D Cuffs

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Awesome 3-D kandi like this is pretty easy to make, especially if you're good at making cuff kandi.

1. Make a single bracelet.

2. Get another string, a bit bigger than the first one you used. Thread it through one bead.

3. Put three beads on, and thread it through every fourth bead of your first bracelet until you completely go around it, then tie it off.

4. Now you have a two-layer bracelet. On the second layer, thread a new string through the bead in the middle of the three beads and put three beads on the string.

5. Now, instead of threading through every fourth bead, thread through every third bead and put three beads on until you complete the circle.

6. Keep repeating these steps for as many layers as you want, until you have some nice weaved kandi looking like this.

7. Then, instead of starting to weave another layer onto the layer you just finished, thread the string through every third bead on one of the middle layers you have already done.

8. You can do anything you want once you know how to do this type of weaving.

Toturial made by: EroGuro-Chan on Gaiaonline.com


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