3Base Cuff

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Okay, this is a little different. I think the only difference is the bead count. But here it goes!!

Start with a single any pattern. But i choose this to make it easier for you guys a bit. I choose; GREEN, YELLOW, GREEN, and a CLEAR-ORANGE bead.

I usualy cut a long piece of string to start with so i'll have enough for atleast 3 rows. Begin to string the pattern of beads, in this case GREEN, YELLOW, GREEN. And insert the string through a CLEAR-ORANGE bead.

Keep doing this til you reach the starting point. And tie it off. You should have this.

This is called a *Double*. You can leave it at that *if* your making a *Double* but were making a cuff so we must go on to the next steps =D

Begin to string the same pattern [or you can totally go creative and change it pattern if you'd like] but in this case keep repeating the GREEN, YELLOW, GREEN pattern. Begin by stringing the string into the YELLOW, string your pattern, then insert the string through the next YELLOW, remember to pull tight, but not *too* tight =P

Keep on going til you reach your starting point. Your piece should look a bit like this =)

Do the same on the other side of the piece. And you should have this =D

And thats how you make a cuff .. well atleast thats how i've been doing it =P Enjoy.
I'll have another tutorial up on how to make it into 3D's Let me know if you have questions!!


Toturial made by: ~* Gízmö *~ on Raversonly.com


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