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Ok... A lot of people have been asking for kandi making instructions for things other than a single.
Everyone wants to make cuffs. Well now you can! Here is the first cuff tutorial.
I will be making more, and if you really want to know how to do a specific cuff, just ask and I'll try to work on that too.

So lets get started. This is what we are going to make today.
It's halloween themed because it's one of the pieces I've made for CandyBall: Treats & Beats...

Step One: Make a single strand (on a large piece of string) consisting of either 30 or 33 beads
(30 for a small wrist 33 for a more normal sized one). As you can see in the picture, the scheme is 1-2-1-2-1-2 (one orange, two black, one orange, two black).
This is how we know it should be 30 or 33 beads exaxctly; It has to be a multiple of 3.
You could use 333 and make one for your waist if you really wanted (I don't know how many it would really take), but we're talking cuffs here.

Step Two: Tie it off as shown (don't tie it off in the middle of your long string though, tie it off at one of the ends).
Now clip off the extra piece from the tie side (the little piece that is hanging off where you tied it.)
Now you should have a single with a long piece of string hanging off of it. arrange it so that it comes out of one of the orange.

Step Three: We are now going to add three beads onto the string. They are going to be in the order of orange-black-orange.
Now thread the string through the next orange on the single, and pull it tight (not overly tight, you want it to stretch),
but when continuing around, make sure you hold your last set of three taut.

Step Four: Continue adding sets of three all the way around.
When you add your last set of three going around, you still thread it through the next orange on the base single you made,
even though its the orange one that the string origionally came out of.
Thread it up the triangle created on your first set of three on this row, until it comes out of the center bead of the triangle (the black one.)
Note* In the second picture the cuff is flipped over on my hand by accident so don't be confused by the string coming out of the right instead of the left.

Step Five: Now we are going to do the same thing with adding three beads again, however they will now be sets of orange-orange-orange.
So add on three orange and thread the string through the next black bead thats a top of one of these "triangles".
Continue all the way around and finish this row just like you did the last, by coming up though the first "triangle" of this row,
and letting the string come out of the center bead of it.

Step Six: To finish this off, we are going to add two black beads to the string and thread through the next orange bead that's the top of one of these "triangles".
Continue all the way around and tie it off.

Congratulations! You have made your first cuff! Now you can add as many rows of tringles you want, with color schemes that vary however you like.
There is no limit, except that of your own creation.

Feel free to ask me any questions here. I will clarify anything that you are having trouble with.


Toturial made by: GlowstringJay on Raversonly.com

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